CSGO gambling and game features

The long presence of a multi-player shooter on the market (since 2012) and a huge selection of competitions in this discipline have made Counter-Strike a permanent line of eSports events at all top bookmakers. The popularity of the game itself is due to several factors: high-quality interfaces and graphics, regular updates, the choice of maps and stories, difficult achievement of skill. The risks for betting are low, because it is very easy to determine the favorites.
The confrontation between two teams of 5 people takes place online. The match consists of 16-30 rounds, where the team must perform from the side of both terrorists and special forces. The task of the first – to set a bomb or completely destroy the opponent, and the second – to prevent the actions of a terrorist group or kill each of its members.

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tournament Formats and outcome options

The most popular tournament competitions are regular ones (for example, ESL, ESEA, FPL). Pre-registered teams play online, and the best teams advance to the final, where prizes and rewards are distributed. Cyclical tournaments can also be held on a regular basis — “live” shows in arenas. Large-scale events of Intel (for example, ESL One) are singled out separately. Minor-tournaments are held with small prize funds, but give access to the main event of the year — Major. In it, in addition to large amounts, teams score more rating points.
The choice of betting options depends on the capabilities of the bookmaker’s website. Usually the users of BK can be put on the CS:GO to:

  • the winner of the match or one separate card;
  • lead in individual games or advance to the final;
  • total number of rounds or the number that the team will give to the opponent;
  • winner’s region;
  • results of individual professional players.

The tournament grid can be formed according to the principle of playoffs, where the team is promoted by stages. The Major format involves holding separate matches to select candidates, then their competition at the second level along with the invited strong teams, and the Champions play-off stage. At all stages of large-scale majors, csgo gambling are accepted in well-known offices: Pari Match, 1XBet, GG-Bet, 1xstavka, Fonbet and others.

Betting on Internet sites

There are several common ways to bet to CSGO gambling in a bookmaker:

    1. on the outcome (P1 or P2).
    2. total-relative to the number of cards.
    3. TM and TB, where you can bet on the number of rounds.

< li>handicap-often offered if a clear favorite or outsider is playing.

The user must register on the BC website by filling out a short form with basic data. Then you need to go to the tab of your personal account and transfer funds to your personal account in a convenient way. Money from this account is spent at the discretion of the account owner on the site. It also receives funds from successful forecasts. Depending on the choice of the web resource and the country of residence, additional verification or registration with the MCC MAY be required (for the Russian Federation).